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Уистан Хью Оден [8]
Auden, Wystan Hugh
Уильям Блэйк [41]
Blake, William
Ричард Бротиган [6]
Brautigan, Richard
Фледа Браун [1]
Brown, Fleda
Уильям Куллен Брайнт [2]
Bryant, William Cullen
Кэролл Льюис [1]
Carroll, Lewis
Грэйс Кавальери [2]
Cavalieri, Grace
Тайлор Колеридж [1]
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor
Генри Констебле [1]
Constable, Henry
Грегори Корсо [4]
Corso, Gregory
Стефен Крейн [1]
Crane, Stephen
Эдвард Каммингс [1]
Cummings, Edward
Эмили Дикинсон [6]
Dickinson, Emily
Томас Стернз Элиот [13]
Eliot, Thomas Stearns
Ральф Уолдо Эмерсон [4]
Emerson, Ralph Waldo
Лоуренс Ферлингетти [2]
Ferlinghetti, Lawrence
Роберт Фрост [5]
Frost, Robert
Аллен Гинсберг [1]
Ginsberg, Allen
Джон Харрингтон [1]
Harrington, Sir John
Брет Харте [6]
Harte, Francis Bret
Джордж Херберт [1]
Herbert, George
Джерард Хопкинс [1]
Hopkins, Gerard Manley
Ленгстон Хьюз [2]
Hughes, Langson
Рэндалл Джаррелл [2]
Jarrell, Randall
Робинсон Джефферс [5]
Jeffers, Robinson
Дениз Левертов [4]
Levertov, Denise
Деена Линетт [1]
Linett, Deena
Генри Лонгфелло [4]
Longfellow, Henry
Леон Маркович [2]
Markowicz, Leon
Эдгар Ли Мастерс [2]
Masters, Edgar Lee
Томас Мор [1]
Moore, Thomas
Борис Пастернак [4]
Pasternak, Boris
Эдгар Аллан По [2]
Poe, Allan Edgar
Эдвин Эрлингтон Робинсон [3]
Robinson, Edwin Arlington
Кристина Росетти [2]
Rossetti, Christina
Карл Сэндберг [6]
Sandburg, Carl
Эдмунд Спенсер [0]
Spenser, Edmund
Аллен Тейт [0]
Tate, Allen
Уолт Уитмен [0]
Whitman, Walt
Джон Гринлиф Уиттьер [0]
Whittier, John Greenleaf
Уильям Вордсворт [0]
Wordsworth, William
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I have told you in another poem, whether you've read it or not,
About a beautiful place the hard-wounded f
Deer go to die in; their bones lie mixed in their little
Under leaves by a flashing cliff-brook, and if
They have ghosts they like it, the bones and mixed antlers
are well content.
Now comes for me the time to engage
My burial place: put me in a beautiful place far off from men,
No cemetery, no necropolis,
And for God's sake no columbarium, nor yet no funeral.

But if the human animal were precious
As the quick deer or that hunter in the night the lonely puma
I should be pleased to lie in one grave with 'em.
Робинсон Джефферс | Просмотров: 284 | Дата: 2009-08-26 | Комментарии (0)

The mad girl with the staring eyes and long white fingers
Hooked in the stones of the wall,
The storm-wrack hair and the screeching mouth: does it matter,
Whether the people believe
Your bitter fountain? Truly men hate the truth; they'd liefer
Meet a tiger on the road.
Therefore the poets honey their truth with lying; but religion-
Venders and political men
Pour from the barrel, new lies on the old, and are praised for
kindly Wisdom. Poor bitch, be wise.
No: you'll still mumble in a corner a crust of truth, to men
And gods disgusting.-You and I, Cassandra.
Робинсон Джефферс | Просмотров: 311 | Дата: 2009-08-26 | Комментарии (0)

At the equinox when the earth was veiled in a late rain, wreathed
with wet poppies, waiting spring,
The ocean swelled for a far storm and beat its boundary, the
ground-swell shook the beds of granite.

I gazing at the boundaries of granite and spray, the established
sea-marks, felt behind me
Mountain and plain, the immense breadth of the continent, before
me the mass and doubled stretch of water.

I said: You yoke the Aleutian seal-rocks with the lava and coral
sowings that flower the south,
Over your flood the life that sought the sunrise faces ours that has
followed the evening star.

The long migrations meet across you and it is nothing to you, you
have forgotten us, mother.
You were much younger when we crawled out of the womb and
lay in the sun's eye on the tideline.

It was long and long ago; we have grown proud since then and
you have grown bitter; life retains
Your mobile soft unquiet strength; and envies hardness, the
insolent quietness of stone.

The tides are in our veins, we still mirror the stars, life is your
child, but there is in me
Older and harder than life and more impartial, the eye that
watched before there was an ocean.

That watched you fill your beds out of the condensation of thin
vapor and watched you change them,
That saw you soft and violent wear your boundaries down, eat
rock, shift places with the continents.

Mother, though my song's measure is like your surf-beat's ancient
rhythm I never learned it of you.
Before there was any water there were tides of fire, both our tones
flow from the other fountain
Робинсон Джефферс | Просмотров: 255 | Дата: 2009-08-26 | Комментарии (0)

Old garden of grayish and ochre lichen,
How long a time since the brown people who have vanished from here
Built fires beside you and nestled by you
Out of the ranging sea-wind? A hundred years, two hundred,
You have been dissevered from humanity
And only known the stubble squirrels and the headland rabbits,
Or the long-fetlocked plowhorses
Breaking the hilltop in December, sea-gulls following,
Screaming in the black furrow; no one
Touched you with love, the gray hawk and the red hawk touched you
Where now my hand lies. So I have brought you
Wine and white milk and honey for the hundred years of famine
And the hundred cold ages of sea-wind.
I did not dream the taste of wine could bind with granite,
Nor honey and milk please you; but sweetly
They mingle down the storm-worn cracks among the mosses,
Interpenetrating the silent
Wing-prints of ancient weathers long at peace, and the older
Scars of primal fire, and the stone
Endurance that is waiting millions of years to carry
A corner of the house, this also destined.
Lend me the stone strength of the past and I will lend you
The wings of the future, for I have them.
How dear you will be to me when I too grow old, old comrade.
Робинсон Джефферс | Просмотров: 269 | Дата: 2009-08-26 | Комментарии (0)

The storm-dances of gulls, the barking game of seals,
Over and under the ocean...
Divinely superfluous beauty
Rules the games, presides over destinies, makes trees grow
And hills tower, waves fall.
The incredible beauty of joy
Stars with fire the joining of lips, О let our loves too
Be joined, there is not a maiden
Burns and thirsts for love
More than my blood for you, by the shore of seals while the wir
Weave like a web in the air
Divinely superfluous beauty.
Робинсон Джефферс | Просмотров: 275 | Дата: 2009-08-26 | Комментарии (0)


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