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Уистан Хью Оден [8]
Auden, Wystan Hugh
Уильям Блэйк [41]
Blake, William
Ричард Бротиган [6]
Brautigan, Richard
Фледа Браун [1]
Brown, Fleda
Уильям Куллен Брайнт [2]
Bryant, William Cullen
Кэролл Льюис [1]
Carroll, Lewis
Грэйс Кавальери [2]
Cavalieri, Grace
Тайлор Колеридж [1]
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor
Генри Констебле [1]
Constable, Henry
Грегори Корсо [4]
Corso, Gregory
Стефен Крейн [1]
Crane, Stephen
Эдвард Каммингс [1]
Cummings, Edward
Эмили Дикинсон [6]
Dickinson, Emily
Томас Стернз Элиот [13]
Eliot, Thomas Stearns
Ральф Уолдо Эмерсон [4]
Emerson, Ralph Waldo
Лоуренс Ферлингетти [2]
Ferlinghetti, Lawrence
Роберт Фрост [5]
Frost, Robert
Аллен Гинсберг [1]
Ginsberg, Allen
Джон Харрингтон [1]
Harrington, Sir John
Брет Харте [6]
Harte, Francis Bret
Джордж Херберт [1]
Herbert, George
Джерард Хопкинс [1]
Hopkins, Gerard Manley
Ленгстон Хьюз [2]
Hughes, Langson
Рэндалл Джаррелл [2]
Jarrell, Randall
Робинсон Джефферс [5]
Jeffers, Robinson
Дениз Левертов [4]
Levertov, Denise
Деена Линетт [1]
Linett, Deena
Генри Лонгфелло [4]
Longfellow, Henry
Леон Маркович [2]
Markowicz, Leon
Эдгар Ли Мастерс [2]
Masters, Edgar Lee
Томас Мор [1]
Moore, Thomas
Борис Пастернак [4]
Pasternak, Boris
Эдгар Аллан По [2]
Poe, Allan Edgar
Эдвин Эрлингтон Робинсон [3]
Robinson, Edwin Arlington
Кристина Росетти [2]
Rossetti, Christina
Карл Сэндберг [6]
Sandburg, Carl
Эдмунд Спенсер [0]
Spenser, Edmund
Аллен Тейт [0]
Tate, Allen
Уолт Уитмен [0]
Whitman, Walt
Джон Гринлиф Уиттьер [0]
Whittier, John Greenleaf
Уильям Вордсворт [0]
Wordsworth, William
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I gave myself to him,
And took himself for pay.
The solemn contract of a life
Was ratified this way

The value might disappoint,
Myself a poorer prove
Than this my purchaser suspect,
The daily own of Love

Depreciates the sight;
But, 'til the merchant buy,
Still fabled, in the isles of spice
The subtle cargoes lie.

At least, 'tis mutual risk,—
Some found it mutual gain;
Sweet debt of Life,—each night to owe,
Insolvent, every noon.
Эмили Дикинсон | Просмотров: 306 | Дата: 2009-08-25 | Комментарии (0)

The Soul selects her own Society
Then shuts the Door
To her divine Majority
Present no more
Unmoved she notes the Chariots pausing
At her low Gate
Unmoved an Emperor be kneeling
Upon her Mat
I've known her from an ample nation
Choose One
Then close the Valves of her attention
Like Stone
Эмили Дикинсон | Просмотров: 337 | Дата: 2009-08-25 | Комментарии (0)

When Night is almost done-
And Sunrise grows so near
That we can touch the Spaces-
It's time to smooth the Hair-
And get the Dimples ready-
And wonder we could care
For that old-faded Midnight-
That frightened-but an Hour
Эмили Дикинсон | Просмотров: 305 | Дата: 2009-08-25 | Комментарии (0)

A precious-mouldering pleasure-'tis-
To meet an Antique Book-
In just the Dress his Century wore-
A privilege-I think-
His venerable Hand to take-
And warming in our own-
A passage back-or two-to make-
To Times when he-was young-
His quaint opinions-to inspect-
His thought to ascertain
On Themes concern our mutual mind-
The Literature of Man-
What interested Scholars-most-
What Competitions ran-
When Plato-was a Certainty-
And Sophocles-a Man-
When Sappho-was a living Girl-
And Beatrice wore
The Gown that Dante-deified-
Facts Centuries before
He traverses-familiar-
As One should come to Town-
And tell you all your Dreams-were true-
He lived-where Dreams were born-
His presence is Enchantment-
You beg him not to go-
Old Volume shake their Vellum Heads
And tantalize-just so
Эмили Дикинсон | Просмотров: 318 | Дата: 2009-08-25 | Комментарии (0)

Mine-by the Right of the White Election!
Mine-by the Royal Seal!
Mine-by the Sign in the Scarlet prison-
Bars-cannot conceal!
Mine-here-in Vision-and in Veto!
Mine-by the Grave's Repeal-
Delirious Charter!
Mine-long as Ages steal!
Эмили Дикинсон | Просмотров: 339 | Дата: 2009-08-25 | Комментарии (0)

You left me, sweet, two legacies,--
A legacy of love
A Heavenly Father would content,
Had He the offer of;
You left me boundaries of pain
Capacious as the sea,
Between eternity and time,
Your consciousness and me.
Эмили Дикинсон | Просмотров: 377 | Дата: 2009-08-25 | Комментарии (1)


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